Servcorp Onefax - say goodbye to the fax machine

July 2010 | Servcorp

Servcorp is excited to introduce the next generation of faxing exclusively to Servcorp clients. We call it Servcorp Onefax and it's an easy-to-use, online fax-to-email technology!

Never again will you be slowed down by a cumbersome traditional-style fax machine. Servcorp Onefax gives you total mobility to send and receive confidential faxes securely and directly from your computer. It's the better way to keep your business going, no matter where your work might take you.

Servcorp Onefax is an easy-to-use, online fax-to-email technology which helps you keep your business going, wherever your work might take you.

  • Send and receive faxes directly from your computer
  • Faxes are delivered confidentially directly to your inbox
  • It's as simple as opening an email and fits perfectly into your existing workflow
  • Reduces paper usage
  • It's an inexpensive way to communicate via fax even if you are away from an office