Cost Saving through Serviced Offices

April 2011 | By Servcorp (Source: Sabahemlak)

Alfred Moufarrige, CEO of Servcorp introducing the concept of serviced offices to Turkey, stated that they would save 70% through these serviced offices.

Servcorp saves costs with serviced offices

Offices reflect the identity and character of companies. The serviced offices and virtual offices developed by Servcorp provide a prestigious office environment while at the same time saving up to 70% of office costs.

Servcorp, serving 30 thousand clients at 128 locations worldwide, also entered the Turkish market with its first office center located in the Louis Vuitton Orjin Building in Nişantaşı. Following this center with 9 physical serviced offices as well as virtual office services in Nişantaşı, the second center will be brought into service in the Tekfen Tower in Levent.
We met Alfred Moufarrige, CEO of Servcorp and the mastermind behind the virtual office services, at the primary center of the company in Nişantaşı.

Moufarrige stated that he had started out with his first serviced office in Sydney in 1978, and that they were currently transformed into a corporation with approximately 30,000 clients at 128 locations worldwide.

Moufarrige pointed out that Servcorp was originally an IT company, and explained that they have made a true difference in the office solutions they offer through their fully in-house developed software programs. He indicated that they also offered virtual office services in addition to their physical serviced offices and added, "All the technological and physical infrastructure is present and ready –to –use in our physical offices. Common reception services are provided for all offices by bilingual receptionists. Thanks to our in-house software, all local and international calls can be carried out free-of-charge over the Servcorp system.

Expanding business network through virtual offices

Servcorp office owners can benefit from and book meeting rooms in the Servcorp offices worldwide." Moufarrige emphasized that the serviced office solutions of Servcorp would reduce costs and enable cost saving up to 70%.

Stating that the virtual office solutions indicate the Servcorp centers as the main office addresses of the companies, Moufarrige said, "All communication and mail services of the companies are carried out over the Servcorp centers. Our clients can use the physical offices in these centers for certain appointments to welcome their visitors or customers as well as using the meeting rooms for larger meetings.

Thus it suddenly becomes possible for an entrepreneur in Turkey to open an office and trade anywhere in the world."
Moufarrige indicated that they opened their first office center in Turkey in the Louis Vuitton Orjin Building in Nişantaşı and that they will very soon open their second office center in the Tekfen Tower in Levent.

Moufarrige explained that they currently have 9 physical offices and that the complex in the Tekfen Tower will accommodate 31 physical offices. Acknowledging the location of Turkey as the nexus of worldwide trade routes as well as its proximity to both European and Middle Eastern markets, Moufarrige stated, "Turkey is a rapidly developing market, and at the same time comes forth as a center of power in the region. Companies intending to invest in Turkey and the Middle East will prefer the serviced offices of Servcorp instead of renting their own individual offices in Istanbul".

Moufarrige also pointed out that they would assist local companies to enter global markets by providing them with global standards.

Saving 70% off office costs

“Traditional Office” Details
“Traditional Office”
Servcorp Services Office
Servcorp Details
Risk of Rent
Minimum rental office process for Nişantaşı
1 year
1 month
Minimum Risk
appr. square meter price for gross 100m2 area $35 (excluding building costs)
office in prestigious building including building costs and membership in the Servcorp Online system
Office furnishing $50,000 with 3 year depreciation (for $ 500 per m2) leased equipment, photocopier, fax etc)
Office Furnishing
High quality furnished office, no Servcorp sign, unlimited budget for maintenance
IT and Support
junior IT personnel
$260 average expenditure
IT and Support
Full time bilingual receptionist and IT Specialist
Communication System
Standard commercial phone (leased line, equipment etc)


$120 per line

Communication System
Full communication system 24/7 Cisco technology, online customization of reception and phone texts
Fast internet, contracts, data security, support service not included
Minimum $100
$280 per line
Single phase ISP, dedicated bandwidth, 99.9% service time, no blocked sites, in-house security
Water, mail, electricity, cleaning, fresh flowers, daily newspapers etc
$10 per person
Unlimited Twinnings tea, water and espresso coffee, including electricity and cleaning
Total monthly cost
Average cost of a n office in Nişantaşı
Around 70% cost saving
1 months' rent commission (12%)
2 months' rent