Servcorp Operations for Week Commencing 14th March

March 2011 | Servcorp

Dear Servcorp Clients,

Servcorp from all around the world sends out our thoughts and best wishes to Servcorp clients, and everyone suffering from the tragic events in Japan.

Just an update on what is happening in Servcorp Japan; all team members in Japan are ok and we hope that you and your families are safe too.

Servcorp is committed to ensuring that your business can continue to operate as smoothly as possible during this difficult time. Most Servcorp team members are back to work.

Today Servcorp Japan will be closing at 2.30pm and we will be running on a lighter than usual staff for the remainder of this week. Our operation in Yokohama will be closed for half a day today due to scheduled power outages.

Should further aftershocks mean that we cannot man all the locations in Tokyo for extended periods of time, we have contingency plans in place, using Servcorp's global network to receive calls in Japanese, in other Servcorp locations around the world. Our aim is to maximize your up time during this very difficult period.

We will make sure you are informed however it is likely that business hours will be disrupted for the remainder of the week.

We would ask you at this time to please help to conserve electricity and turn off the lights in the corridors and your offices when not in use.

Servcorp hopes that you and your family stay safe in this time.


The Servcorp Team