The Best Of Both Worlds - Small Businesses and Servcorp

| Servcorp

For many professionals, working for themselves has become a viable alternative to the traditional 9-5 jobs of the past. Advertising agencies, marketing companies, trading companies and internet startups are often the most popular small businesses set up by entrepreneurs. For the owners of these businesses, the attraction of working for themselves and having more control over their own time are often cited as reasons for starting up their own small business.

Many of these companies a often run from the owners' own homes, and this offers the convenience and cost savings of not having to commute to and from work. However, there are some drawbacks: for example, a residential address on a business card cannot impress customers and potential clients like an address in an established commercial building. For a meeting with important clients, a living room or home office is simply not as impressive as a boardroom in a corporate setting.

This is why many small businesses owners often look to serviced offices or virtual offices to provide them with all the facilities they need.
Servcorp clients locate their business in the prestigious Tower One Ayala Triangle, right in the heart of Makati City. They can use this address on all their business cards, stationery and marketing materials, immediately enhancing the image of their home-based startup company, giving it a professionalism that may well make the difference to a potential client.

Additionally, the Servcorp Serviced Office in Manila provides full administrative and secretarial support if required, so that small business owners can focus on looking after their clients and their businesses. It really is the best of both worlds – the flexibility and the freedom of working to build their own businesses while having access to the extensive portfolio of Servcorp's product offerings, which include access to meeting rooms and boardrooms for as little as 10 minutes or the whole day, access to video-conferencing or online meeting hosting facilities, superfast broadband internet connections, proprietary Servcorp Onefone and Onefax technology, secretarial and administrative support, and a host of other services.

This is why thousands of small business owners have chosen Servcorp Serviced Offices and Servcorp Virtual Offices as their preferred business address in Manila.