Secretarial Services in the Philippines

May 14, 2014 | Valerie Wong

If you're planning to invest in the Philippines, whether through a business liaison or by outsourcing your work to an existing Philippine country, you should remember the pros and cons of Philippine investment.

Even though the archipelago offers many restrictions to foreigners (foreigners can't own land unless they're naturalized Filipino citizens and most courts will side with local businessmen over non-local ones), the nation still remains a diverse market that's easier for westerners to appeal to compared to other Southeast Asian countries.

For example, English is practically a second language to many Filipinos, even those with different dialects and whatnot. They're also enamored with western pop culture along with their own pop culture.

The Importance of Having a Secretarial Service

A secretarial service, as opposed to hiring a secretary, provides you third-party services from a host of secretaries on standby as opposed to just one person handling everything. You can usually avail of such services by membership and perhaps even a virtual office package in case you don't have an office to speak of.

Your request will be reviewed by a group manager and, once approved, you will be offered dedicated personal assistants and secretaries who'll always be on-hand 24/7 (going from shift to shift) in order to deal with your secretarial needs in the Philippines and beyond. Some of them are even based in the Philippines, or are otherwise English-speaking staff at your beck-and-call.

These secretaries are all prepared to deal with various administrative tasks, such as assisting last minute issues and providing you all the advantages of having support staff personnel without paying the salaries of an entire department. They already come fully trained and up-to-the-task of dealing with your everyday secretarial needs, especially in the context of catering to Filipino tastes and the Philippine market.

You won't have to hire or train anyone, and you won't even have to deal with being short handed by any person who's fired or decided to quit his job. You can now focus on your bottom line while having a third-party company handle all the details for you.

How Secretarial Services Can Assist Your Bid to Appeal to a Filipino Audience

In the context of catering to a Filipino audience, having a secretarial service on hand is a great boon to your business. After all, Filipinos have fairly recently been occupied by the United States of America, such that their culture has a distinct western tinge to it. Along with Chinese and Spanish influences, these are a people who love western pop culture.

That's why investors keep investing in this country. With that in mind, when searching for a suitable provider of secretarial services, get one that's Philippine-based or even ASEAN-based with branches in the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries.

That way, you're assured of quality secretarial work from a dedicated staff of assistants while letting you focus on your bottom line. It's also highly recommended that you have virtual office startups with business address services and corporate registration perks to further halve your capital when starting a Philippine business. 

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