Technology Solutions for a Small Business in the Philippines

March 25, 2014 | Valerie Wong

A lot of unimaginable things are now within the access of our fingertips, such that the New Millennium is heralding the same excitement as people from the Renaissance, wherein we're unlocking new and inspiring technologies that will push us towards a hopeful future (with several caveats and warnings, as always). We can now shop at the comfort of our own home. A single mobile device can serve as our Walkman, tape recorder, camera, telephone, computer, PDA or personal digital assistant, and much more. We live in exciting times, and a small business should take full advantage of this brave new world.

How Does the "Information" Age Impact Your Business?

If you have a small business established in the Philippines, whether you're a foreign investor or a local national eager to enter the fray of entrepreneurship, you should take advantage of modern technology for your benefit if you want to stay ahead of the curve. Small businesses are forever reaping the benefits of modern technological marvels such as the Internet, virtual offices, online shopping, web payment solutions like PayPal, and a whole host of other services that has actually made the act of starting a company a lot less expensive nowadays than it was 20 to even 10 years ago. Technology has undoubtedly leveled the playing field for SMBs or small-to-medium businesses. 

More companies are making the connection between improved business performance and strong IT investment, in that they're directly proportional to each other (the more IT investments you make, the better your business performance in 2014 and beyond). The Internet has become more than a niche place for programmers to access computers; it's become "mainstream", and a lot of mega corporations depend on its capabilities to flourish. For example, let's talk mobile applications. Many mobile apps can only be availed of online (because who wants to attach DVD or MD players on a cell phone just to install programs?), and mobile phones themselves are an important business solution.

The Future Is Now When It Comes to Small Business Technology

The "issue" that smartphones resolve is this: Being away from the office makes it hard to share data and be available to clients, especially for small business. Because now everyone and their grandmother have mobile phones and the apps that go with them, it's become increasingly easy to use these devices to make them more mobile and efficient. Even when out of the office, the workplace has access to their workers almost 24/7 thanks to cellular phone technology. As late as 2012, small businesses have become increasingly reliant on these cellphones in conducting business, contacting customers, sharing data, and contacting employees in case of business-related emergencies.

Freeware apps like EverNote are also available when it comes to organizing mobile users across multiple devices, enabling video conferences and chats between a whole host of employees, customers, and bosses in one go. It's even possible to work at home and make money by having a laptop, headset, and a lot of free time. Your team leaders or immediate superiors can contact you if there's something wrong via Skype (it used to be Yahoo! Messenger, but that's how quickly technology progresses nowadays). You can grab tasks and edit them from Google Docs (another free web app available to anyone with a Google account), such that managing labor division is a breeze. 

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