Why Do You Need a Virtual Office in the Philippines

July 14, 2014 | SERVCORP

The Philippines has a rather complicated way of dealing with foreign investments and investors as well as business setups and startups. A foreigner cannot own land in the Philippines unless he is partnered with a Filipino or marries a citizen who will co-own his Philippine properties. He can also do so once he's a naturalized citizen, but that takes time, money, and effort to do. This is why many investors in the so-called Pearl of the Orient either marry a Filipino or Filipina and get their business started or opt for the expatriate and virtual office solutions route to go about establishing themselves in "Pilipinas". 

The Huge Impact of the Information Age on Your Business

The Internet is the new millennium's biggest technological contribution (or rather improvement, since the World Wide Web has been around since the latter half of the 20th Century), and with it comes benefits that were unimaginable or simply unavailable before the advent of the Information Age. Commerce flourished with the ecommerce business model practiced by Amazon.com and the like. Businesses, in turn, flourished thanks to the cheaper way to establish shop and office in far-flung lands like the Philippines or even in their localities: Through virtual office solutions. The paperless office has come to pass, and the future is now.

The only real hard copies you'll be filing nowadays come in the form of printouts, receipts, and the occasional fax through your printer instead of a fax machine because it's now possible to fax each other through the Internet with the Internet fax. As for telecommunications, aside from the obvious use of email, Instant messaging, teleconferencing, and the like, you can also have an auto receptionist available to field your calls not through an answering machine, but instead through a VoIP (voice-over IP) "phone" line and a prerecorded virtual receptionist handling and redirecting all your incoming calls. In short, this is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to get a Philippine startup going at a small budget.

Make the Most Out of Your Investments with Virtual Office Technology 

If you're in need of a brick-and-mortar "facade" in case you want to interview new applicants or face clients in a more professional setting, you can purchase fully furnished serviced offices complete with furniture and appliances for all your meeting and event needs. However, in terms of actual office telecommunications, your virtual office will be more than enough to fulfill your requirements. Your staff will be able to send their work virtually, through email or Internet fax, plus business inquiries and customer service issues can easily be fielded by the VoIP-based auto receptionist, outsourced agents, and even the advanced voicemail.

Answering machine technology in the 21st Century has become advanced enough include advanced voicemail systems that store caller voice messages electronically and virtually whenever you're not available to converse with them. You can retrieve them and hear them on your PC with clear sound recordings (enabled by the aforementioned VoIP tech that turns your Internet connection into a phone line). Thanks to all these systems and advancements, you should be able to establish your base of operations within the Philippines without having to invest hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. 

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