How to Choose a Virtual Office for Your Home Based Business in Manila

August 29, 2015 | Sharon Cheong

anila has become a hotbed of start-up activity with new businesses coming alive every month. Many of these begin as home-based businesses that do so well they grow out of their confined space and need to expand into something larger and more prominent. Home-based businesses are growing in Manila and many parts of the world as people realize that they have talents and skills to offer the world and they can use these to earn a good living outside the 9 to 5 workplace.

Get the Business Tools You Need to Grow

If your home-based business is starting to thrive, you may already be aware that you need additional office space, an answering service, a mail service and some other important business tools. When expansion comes, it's best to go ahead and look at the available options so that you can continue to grow. Though you may not be ready to go out and lease an office, buy equipment and hire employees, a good secondary option is leased office space. It's an affordable solution where you know your monthly costs up front.

Choosing the Right Services

Virtual office space is a good idea whether you just need an answering service or would like to rent a day office.  In choosing the right thing for your home-based business, take into consideration your primary needs. What areas are most troublesome to you? If you're struggling to handle all the calls, then an answering service can help. You may be having trouble getting work done from home due to family obligations. In that case, leasing a day office would be a good idea. Some businesses require help such as someone to open the mail, return calls and general office support, but they only need these services occasionally.

Make Every Dollar Count

For most home-based business owners, controlling costs is a key requirement. It's important to make every dollar count, but growing to the next stage of business does usually mean stepping out of your comfort zone.  Servcorp Serviced Offices help home-based business owners by giving them all the services they need without having to sacrifice quality. All types of useful services are available with plans to help you grow more successful while staying within your budget.

Weigh Your Options

This is the key to healthy growth. Sometimes home-based business owners think they need to lease a dedicated office space in Manila in order to build their company. The costs of leasing space, buying furniture and equipment and hiring employees can be too much of a strain on your budget. Before taking that route, make sure your business really needs that much expansion. You may only need a professional place to work each day with an occasional meeting room for investors and big important clients.

Reliable Services You Can Count On

With Servcorp Offices, the options are practically limitless. You can get a fully trained bi-lingual staff to help with all types of duties. Many large businesses continue to use this type of service because you can control monthly costs and rely on the people and services to be there whenever you need them. This is a flexible option that has worked for countless professionals.

When Is Your Business Ready for Expansion?

Remember that going out on your own and leasing standard commercial space in Manila is a big commitment. You'll have the additional worries of hiring and training new employees, maintenance on office equipment and many other unknown expenses that will crop up from time to time.  This can result in higher stress, increased monthly expenses and greater pressure on you to get those high-paying contracts. Suddenly, instead of running your own home-based business that you love, you're dealing with employee problems, complex vendor issues and many others. Experts recommend not taking that leap until you're positive that your business can support it.

With leased office space, you can avoid these types of expensive problems and just concentrate on your daily work. And Servcorp offers the very best in high-end features that business owners love. From a staff of highly trained IT pros to a dedicated receptionist, you can get exactly what you need and stay within your budget while avoiding unnecessary stress. Call +63 2 368 5700 today if you'd like to learn more.