How to Rent a Virtual Office in The Philippines and Appear Bigger Than You Really Are

November 04, 2015 | Sharon Cheong

Business expansion can be exciting, but always comes with its own share of problems. You'll need more employees, equipment, marketing and other things to make it work. When you're just starting out, it can be intimidating to try and keep daily business activities going while struggling to get superior clients. In the end, the only way to grow is to secure some solid contracts and this can be difficult in the competitive region of the Philippines.

People Trust Large Companies 

One strategy that works well is to rent virtual office space in the Philippines so that your business will seem larger than it is. You can get professional employees, an impressive address for your letterhead, a local phone number and many other perks. All this is available for one low monthly price. That means you can control your monthly office expenditures while getting the very best services. The biggest advantage is that your company will suddenly seem much larger than it is.

People seem to trust larger companies with their business and there are a variety of reasons for this. When we think of a small startup company, we often think that they might not have the best equipment and employees. With larger companies, we imagine that they will have spacious factories and offices, along with a well-trained staff. This equates to better products and services in the minds of many consumers.

In the Philippines, leasing or buying your own property to set up a professional office will cost thousands of dollars. In addition to this, you'll have monthly utility bills, payments for equipment, salaries for your employees, and many other expenses. When leasing virtual office space, the expenses are entirely predictable. They only go up if you request more space or additional amenities. This is perfect for the budget of a small business owner. It's easy to forecast your expenditures with virtual office space.

Expansion for Your Small Business 

Another important advantage is expansion for your brand. Once your company starts growing, it's stress-free to add employees, office space, or services. Instead of having all your cash tied up in paying monthly bills, you're free to add new products and services as well. Expansion won't cost as much in terms of time, work or money. Buying expensive equipment and office furniture also ties up your credit. You put your credit rating at risk each month and if payments go behind, then your credit rating can drop dramatically.

Tips for Success 

Look for similar things like this that can lower your monthly bills while increasing profits. The Philippines has become an offshore home for large corporations all over the world. These big companies require a wide range of products and services. They're looking for competitive pricing, but also stable services they can count on. Focus on providing quality goods and services at affordable rates. Even though your business may be small at the moment, always conduct business in the most professional manner. Once you gain a strong reputation with local industries, it will be much easier to convince others to do business with you.

Work with a Proven Winner 

Leasing a serviced or virtual office in the Philippines is a great idea for many small business owners. You can get a prestigious address, phones, mail, and all the amenities of a luxurious office for a much smaller monthly cost. This can free up your capital to spend in other areas. Servcorp provides upscale furnishings, state of the art equipment and fully trained people to make your life a lot easier. Why not contact Servcorp to learn more? Please call +63 2 755 6500 to learn more.