How to Start a Home Business with a Rented Virtual Office in Manila

October 12, 2015 | Sharon Cheong

When you work from home, you have the luxury of being able to work in familiar and comfortable surroundings. But you will also quickly realize the many distractions and interruptions associated with being at home. The kids may be playing in the next room and making too much noise. The phone may be ringing or family members may be interrupting you every few minutes. Though you love your family, they may not realize how they're preventing you from getting your work done. The answer to this dilemma is simply to lease virtual office space in Manila for a few hours each day so you can get away to a real office and get your important projects completed.

Keep Your Expenses Low 

Most people will agree that they get a lot more work done when they're out of the house and working in a professional atmosphere. Your head is clear and all the distractions are eliminated, meaning that you can really focus on the work at hand. The great thing about most leased office space is that it is so flexible. You can rent a small space or a suite of offices. You can work for just one hour per day at your virtual office or you can work 40 hours per week. It's just up to you and depends on your specific requirements.  You only pay for the time and space that you need and this keeps your overhead very low.

Identify Your Strengths 

A number of entrepreneurs begin by defining a particular area where they have strengths and then they look for clients in various ways. You can work through popular freelancing websites. These often have people from all over the world who need specific services. You may be good at accounting or building websites. You can begin working from home and then as you build up your clientele, you can lease virtual office space for a few hours each day. As your business grows, you'll need larger space and more time and this is not a problem when working with virtual office space.

Get all The Services You Need 

This service is very flexible offering a wide range of amenities like internet, FAX machines, copiers, phones and skilled people. You can enjoy benefits like a dedicated receptionist and prestigious downtown address. When you have a receptionist to answer the phones for you, clients will think your business is much larger than it actually is. This is the secret to how so many successful companies got started. They began small, keeping their expenses low and focused on building a good reputation in the marketplace.

Growing Your Business 

As your company grows, you may start thinking about leasing an individual office space and hiring employees. Before taking this step, be sure to create a realistic budget of all costs. Remember that you'll need various permits and licenses to conduct business in Manila. You'll also need some furniture for your office, and all the standard office machines and equipment. Reliable internet service and modern computers are very important to your success today. It can be expensive to go out and rent your own individual office, so be prepared to pay these monthly expenses on a regular basis. Often, those who work from home don't figure the true costs of hiring employees and purchasing equipment so their profits are quickly reduced and this can leave you without adequate cash flow.

Servcorp Virtual Offices 

With Servcorp, you can continue working from a virtual office for as long as you like. There are so many services available to meet your needs, whether you're just starting out or have been in business for five years. It's easy to figure out your monthly office expenses so there are no financial surprises. Highly skilled employees are there on an as-needed basis. You can get into the most popular downtown Manila office buildings. If you'd like to learn more, please call +63 2 368 5700. We serve the whole world with upscale virtual office space and all the great amenities you need to be successful.