Quick and Easy Ways to Find Office Space in The Philippines

August 03, 2015 | Sharon Cheong

The Philippines is growing stronger each year as a financial hub in Southeast Asia.  The import export business is very lucrative, but other business types have been moving into the region. These include clothing manufacturers, electronics design and manufacturing, food and drink products and many others. Each year, new business owners come looking for a way to build their own profitable small business. Many of them are confused by the culture and not sure where to even begin looking for good deals on office space. Below, we discuss a few of the quick and easy ways to find office space in the Philippines.

Trade Publications

For every type of business, you'll find trade publications. These always list ads of all types for goods and services. They often advertise office space and commercial space that will be more appropriate for your type of business.  For instance, if you're in advertising, you need a nice office where you can entertain clients and show them your new lay-outs. This might be a big luxurious office with an adjoining boardroom where a whole group can meet. Trade publications for the marketing industry will understand this need and be prepared with space in the right area and with the correct furnishings and décor.

The Internet

You can find almost anything on the internet today and that includes office space. These are always advertised in a most positive light. The photos and descriptions often make these spaces sound much better than they actually are. For that reason, it's best to schedule a tour and go view the space in person. This should be the time where you discuss costs and find out exactly what is included in each package. Check out several of these and compare prices and amenities before making a final decision.

Commercial Real Estate Agents

The Philippines offers much in the way of real estate agents who know the areas and can provide good accurate info about office space.  In many cases, the services of a professional real estate agent are paid by the property owner and thus free to those looking. Do check about this first though. You may wind up paying a little more in the end, but an agent can do all the looking and inquiring for you. That makes this a good choice for someone who is really busy and doesn't have time to look around and visit sites.

Tips for Success

Take some time to perform a thorough search; compare amenities and prices. Be sure to ask for everything in writing before making a deal. In every big city, you'll find unscrupulous individuals trying to make a fast buck so check references.

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