Which Business Networking Events to Attend in The Philippines

June 24, 2015 | Sharon Cheong

Network Marketing Businesses (MLM) have become extremely popular all throughout the Philippines. Some of these are indeed lucrative opportunities for new entrepreneurs to get in on the ground floor of a great business concept. If you are interested in this type of network marketing, be sure to do your research and choose a company with a good reputation. Though almost all of them say that you can quickly become a millionaire, this normally takes years of hard work.

For standard networking opportunities throughout The Philippines, you'll find many of the well-known organizations that have been around for a while. A great networking group is essential in today's competitive world and can truly breathe life into your business. Below are just a few of the top business networking places.

Business Network International

BNI offers numerous opportunities to help business owners increase their visibility and gain new clients through professional networking. The organization has chapters all over the world and is fee-based. They have a structured and positive program to develop long-term relationships throughout the business world. BNI Founder, Dr. Ivan Misner believes in supporting local businesses with the philosophy that when one company benefits, it can cause a chain reaction where others profit as a result.

Manila Entrepreneurs and Business

This group meets regularly to encourage business owners to work with a conscience and social responsibility. They not only encourage profits, but also have an agenda of spreading goodwill and kindness throughout the Philippines. The organization believes that in order to be truly successful, it's necessary to have a well-rounded foundation. They stress excellence on every level and offer assistance and inspiration both online and offline.

Nordic Business Council Philippines

The NBCP offers multiple business networking opportunities, such as the Speed Networking Night at the Globe Tower. This is held monthly in Bonifacio Global City, and is heralded as a fun and effective method of making new connections. These events are usually coordinated and structured to allow attendees to meet and make connections in an informal setting.  The admission fee includes drinks and snacks.


The Philippines are gradually developing assistance for emerging technologies and startups. Two Philippine telecommunication firms have set up programs to foster Manila's technology sector. They have founded a nonprofit org called IdeaSpace that makes funds available to promising new entrepreneurs and inventors. Many of these are inventions and ideas created by local people who would not otherwise have the money to get their brainchild manufactured and distributed.

Get Better Results!

Network Marketing can increase business by 20% to 50% and people often see results right away. Some participants report dozens of new clients. Successful businesses must count on word-of-mouth advertising to make it these days.  With a structured and supportive system that encourages giving and receiving business, these events are well worth the time and trouble.  You can substantially increase sales by attending the right functions.

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