Winning in the 21st Century: Go for Serviced Offices to Reduce Cost

March 2013 | Servcorp

Starting your own business? That wouldn't be easy, especially during this era characterized by constant inflation and turbulent market. As much as possible, you need to adopt a cost-effective stance and maximize your use of resources.

One aspect of your financial cost that you can cut on is your office space.

Renting an office, setting up stations, purchasing equipment and taking care of the whole office fit out can be very expensive. If there's a way to get out of this taxing situation, would you have taken it instead?

If you're nodding yes, then here's good news for you: there's an alternative course to renting your own office. Just take a serviced office instead.

Serviced Offices

There are few providers of serviced offices in the Philippines – perhaps one of the reasons why this business strategy remains relatively unpopular to many enterprises.

Serviced offices are working spaces with shared technological infrastructures already built in– such as communications and internet network, video conferencing and office equipment, and even state of the art coffee machines available on a month-to-month basis. They are usually offered as an all-inclusive package.


How will Serviced offices in Manila help you?

If you're a visiting entrepreneur or professional who conducts almost all of your business transactions outside such as during trips or lunch meetings, then serviced offices are for you. Hosting your own office will result in unnecessary costs, as well as additional operational and administrative challenges. A serviced office on the other hand, will allow you to get an office only when you need it without being locked into long-term commitments. Once you're done with your project, you can move to another location immediately.

Companies in Manila that don't need to house in or use an office space for too long will also benefit from this set-up. Instead of allotting budgets to buy new equipments, they only have to pay a fraction of that sum and utilize the existing facility within the serviced office for as long as they need.

Small entrepreneurs or business owners who need to set up an office mainly to create an impressive image for accommodating potential clients or investors will also greatly benefit from serviced offices. Renting a serviced office will reduce their capital expenditure, allowing them to benefit from first class facilities and pay as they go. In this case, set up costs are already absorbed by the serviced office provider.