Coworking Spaces in The Philippines

February 05, 2016 | Sharon Cheong

A coworking space can be the answer to all your office needs when you're on a small budget, but have big ideas for a successful business. Thousands come each year to the Philippines looking to build a successful company so they can ensure a happy future for their families. Because of the high demand for office space in the Philippines, it can be difficult to find something affordable. That's why so many choose co-working spaces. This gives you a physical office facility with a professional environment where you can go as often as you need to and complete projects.

Why You Should Choose Co-Working Spaces 

The answer for most business owners with a limited budget is the price. A nice clean co-working space can be very affordable. In many locations you can get access to fax machines, copiers, and a break room. Other services may be added for an additional cost. The most important feature for many entrepreneurs is dependable Wi-Fi service so be sure to check all the feedback for a co-working space you are considering.

The Downside to Co-Working Spaces 

Though you can save money and get set up very quickly, there is not much room for growth. This means that when you do finally require a larger space and a few employees, you'll need to move into your own individual office space. Some places do offer upgrades to their services, but be sure to ask questions about these things. As you look around the Philippines for a space that meets your needs, look for places with nice furnishings, clean surroundings and good amenities.

Privacy Concerns 

Though a coworking space can be perfect for your new startup, they don't allow for much privacy. You may be sitting at a desk and have a stranger working just a few feet away. This makes it difficult to have intimate conversations. For instance, you may need to talk to a vendor about paying an outstanding bill. Or you may need to talk to a potential investor about why they should invest in your business. Conversations like this should be carried out in secure places where the public cannot hear the details. This is one of the major obstacles that makes a co-working space the wrong choice for some business owners.

Facts about Virtual Office Space

Virtual office space is a definite upgrade from a co-working space. You can sit in a private office and speak to clients, investors or others. At Servcorp Service Offices you can lease an office space for an hour a day or the full day. It's easy to set up your virtual office because everything you need is already in place. You simply walk in and start working. Servcorp has dedicated receptionists, high-speed Internet, luxury furnishings, mail forwarding and many other professional amenities.

Experience the Servcorp Difference 

Servcorp has offices around the world, as well as a strong reputation for providing best-in-class virtual and leased office space at affordable rates. You can reserve your space online or call. Or you can just drop by and tour our facilities in the Philippines. We understand how important your business is to you and we work with entrepreneurs every day to help them succeed in business. Please call +63 2 755 6500 to learn more.