Flexible Working Arrangements in the Philippines

February 18, 2016 | Sharon Cheong

Because of its cultural diversity, thousands of entrepreneurs find their way to the Philippines each year looking for success. Though they may not have a large budget, they can save money by choosing flexible working arrangements instead of traditional. If you have limited office space, this can be the perfect solution for both you and the employee.

How It Works 

Flexible working arrangements can be an excellent solution for employers who do not have the office space to accommodate their entire workforce. However, it can also be a good solution for employees who need additional family time each week. Workers that have small children or elderly loved ones that need special care can significantly benefit from the flexible work arrangement. There are several different variations of this program. In one, employees work from home one or two days a week. In another, workers are asked to work longer hours and fewer days.

Why You Should Choose Flexible Working Arrangements 

This concept can save the employer money because you do not have to provide office machines, computers and other equipment to employees who are working from home. This frees up your equipment and your time to work on other things as well since you will not have to spend time managing these employees. The most important aspect for employers is to locate hard-working, trustworthy people who will work hard even if away from the office.

The Disadvantage to This Concept 

Though you can save on many expenses, you may miss out on having your best employees away from the office most of the time. If some work-related emergency occurs, such as a problem with a major client, it can be difficult to get in touch with your people. In some cases, workers may not live up to your standards when not being directly supervised. It takes mature workers who are self-starters to make this plan work. If managing some employees in this program, it can be a good idea to lay out clear expectations from the very beginning. Be sure to monitor these employees as well, to make sure they are completing projects promptly.

Other Considerations 

Though many companies large and small have embraced the flexible working arrangement concept, this idea may not work well for every business. If you are unsure about whether it will work for yours, try setting up a 30-day trial run. Ask for volunteers who would be willing to work four longer days each weekday or work from home several days each week. Keep a record of their accomplishments and be sure to ask for feedback from those involved. With a few tweaks to the program, it may become a huge success.

How Leased Office Space Can Help 

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