How a Serviced Office in the Philippines Can Benefit Your Small Business

May 05, 2016 | Trinh Danh

A serviced office space can make a significant difference in the budget for your small business or start-up. That is the primary reason people choose this option in the Philippines.  Whether you are on a small budget or just don't have time right now to move into your dedicated office space, services offices provide a wide range of great services for just one low monthly payment. This type of space can be perfect for your small business or anew startup.

1. Managing your Budget

With a serviced office space, you'll always know how much your office expenses will run each month. Most providers, including Servcorp Serviced Offices, include amenities like the internet, phones, mail service, a receptionist and use of common office machines. That means you will not get a dozen different bills for these services…you'll get just one, and this can make budgeting much simpler. With a dedicated office space, some charges can fluctuate from month-to-month. With serviced office space, the fees are consistent.

2. Working in a Professional Environment

Many people now work from home and this is convenient, but it can be hard to get your work done if you have a family. Children and other relatives need your help, and since you are at home, they just assume you have free time. Though family members do not mean to sap all your time, that is exactly what happens. When you have an upscale office in a high-end building, you can go to work each day and get some work done. A professional work environment can keep you on track and productive. When you need a beautiful, quiet place to go to complete projects, a serviced office is the perfect solution.

3. Get Premier Office Equipment 

In order to get the best copiers, fax machines, phone service, along with high-speed internet, you might have to pay substantial monthly payments. These services are not cheap in the Philippines or any other country. Reliable phone and internet service alone can cost a great deal of money each month. Imagine getting the best, most modern office equipment without paying extra. That is why many new startups and small businesses choose serviced offices. When you choose a well-known provider like Servcorp, you know that you can expect the very best in office equipment.

Tips for Success

As you check for serviced office space in the Philippines, be sure to look for places with lovely furnishings, fresh surroundings, and ample amenities. If having a prestigious office address is important, be sure to ask about this as well. Before signing up, decide how much you can spend each month and how often you will need to work at the virtual office.

Premier Virtual Office Space 

Virtual office space gives you a private place where you can get your work done each day, but not all providers all the same. At Servcorp Service Offices you can lease office space for an hour a day or the full day. It is easy to set up or change your office space requirements online.  Servcorp has dedicated receptionists, high-speed Internet, luxury furnishings, mail forwarding and many other professional amenities. Servcorp has offices around the world and an excellent reputation for providing the very best. Come by and tour our facilities in the Philippines or call +63 2 755 6500 to learn more.