How to Find Employees in The Philippines

February 02, 2016 | Sharon Cheong

Big companies around the world are now looking to outsource their work to the Philippines. This is a beautiful region of the world rich in natural resources that offers a large pool of eager workers. Many of them can work from home and get jobs done quickly. That makes it economical and easy for new startups to get important work completed in a timely manner. These are workers who can be utilized when needed without making a commitment to give them a certain number of hours each week or even benefits such as insurance and vacations.

Though this sounds great to most employers, business owners still struggle to find good people who are available and have the right skills. A growing business needs dependable workers who are there on time each day and learn quickly. It costs money to hire and train even one new employee so it's important to locate the right people, workers who will stay with your company for years. Business owners around the world are familiar with this problem, but there are a few good solutions that can make a difference.

Outsourcing to Freelancers 

Business owners agree that it's stressful to hire and train new workers. When workers don't show up ready to do their job, the business can miss out on important opportunities, and other employees must be overworked. Outsourcing can be of great help. Virtual workers can be hired from the Philippines or any company in the world. With applications like Basecamp, workers from almost anywhere can access and work on projects, upload and download files and leave comments for each other. Using communication programs like Skype, it's easy to stay in touch. You can hire an assistant, a project manager, writers, web designers, accounting people and many others.

Newspaper Ads 

Print and online newspapers have an extensive listing of jobs broken down for workers and business owners. If you're looking for someone with specific skills, you can place an ad in the newspapers and often get dozens of responses.  It does take time to comb through all the applications, check references and try to select the right person for the job.

Trade Publications

Employment ads in trade publications are more specialized, since these magazines go out to groups and businesses involved in particular industries. Just about every industry nowadays does have its own trade publication. The job ads are generally at the back of the magazine and applicants may have years of experience in that particular sector of business. References should still be checked to ensure best results.

Job Recruiters 

This is an excellent way to find employees in the Philippines. Though employers must pay a fee, the service is free to workers. Job recruiters are supposed to comb through the many applications and select the best people. It's their job to check references so you don't have to. All applicants should be screened by the recruitment agency.

Online Job Sites 

Today, you'll find a number of good job websites. These are generally free to use for both employers and employees, but be sure to check first. In fact, there are so many that it can be time consuming to comb through them all. In some cases, workers have been screened but ordinarily, this isn't true so, as the business owner, it will be the job of your HR department to comb through these, check references and administer testing. Though there are many, a few of the more popular job sites are,, and

Saving Time and Money 

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