How to Get Your Employees' Loyalty in the Philippines

April 20, 2016 | Trinh Danh

Owning a successful business in the Philippines can provide your family with a strong consistent income and enable you to become a prominent member of the community. Even the smallest businesses do need good employees, and this can be challenging if your small business is not able to compete with larger companies. As many global organizations have moved into the Philippines to set up an offshore home for their company, the demand for highly skilled employees has increased.

Big companies have the resources to offer employees higher salaries and better-working conditions. However, what if you are running a small startup business and you simply can't afford to give employees all these perks? In this case, it will take a much more creative approach. To get the best employees, you may have to think outside the box, and this includes unique solutions that don't cost much but do give employees an incentive to stay with you.

1. Promotions for Employees

If you have a few exceptional employees that know your business, then take steps to prevent them from leaving you and working for a more prominent company. One way of accomplishing this is by offering these employees a promotion. Be sure to invite them into your office and make a big deal out of this promotion while explaining that, at this time, you do not have a budget to give them a raise in salary. However, you do recognize their hard work and appreciate their service to your company. Therefore, you are promoting them to positions of office manager, lead person, a supervisor in training and other such positions.

2. Special Recognition for Your Best Employees

Building a successful company in the Philippines can be its reward, but often keeping skilled employees can be challenging. With this in mind, set up a regular program at your company that recognizes employees who consistently do better work. You can post the names of these employees on a company bulletin board or send out special emails congratulating these employees. People appreciate an employer who recognizes that they are trying hard and working to help you grow your company. 

3. Provide a Professional Work Environment

A clean, professional work space can be very affordable, and this is just another way to keep great employees on your payroll. People enjoy coming to work more when they have nice office furnishings, the best office equipment, a spacious breakroom and other such perks. Though this will cost a little bit regarding a capital investment, it is something that can improve the attitude of all your employees. This approach also makes vendors and customers feel better about doing business with your company. That makes this a great idea. Once you make this investment in your business, your business is automatically worth more. If your budget allows it, move your offices to a nicer part of town. Purchase upscale furnishings and decorations. Try to get the best technology available for your IT and HR departments.

Work with a Proven Winner

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