Options for Office Space in The Philippines

April 25, 2016 | Trinh Danh

If you have a business that is ready for expansion or a new business you want to locate in Southeast Asia, then the Philippines is an excellent choice. Many different kinds of businesses have moved into the Philippines over the past several years because of its sustained growth, modernization, low cost of doing business, and competitive wages of the local labor force. The Philippines is closing in and may surpass Singapore in the not too distant future as the leading financial hub in Asia.

Finding the Right Neighborhood

With both low-cost and high-cost areas, the Philippines has a much larger percentage of English speakers than other countries with the same kind of large, inexpensive labor force.Also, the Philippines has a large, well-educated labor force, particularly in technology and business. Try to rent space in an area where there are already willing, educated workers.

The More Expensive Office Space Options

The Philippines has been growing stronger and stronger from a foreign investment that has found increasing value in setting up offices in the Philippines. If you have a budget for it, then consider the central business district. Multinational corporations like Toyota, Intel, and IBM have set up business in the Philippines, and their offices are located in prestigious buildings located in the central business district. You can make valuable connections with executives at these larger corporations.

Leased and Serviced Office Space

Your time will best be used to secure office space so that you can start growing your business as quickly as possible. To start, you will probably find that a serviced office will be your best alternative.  With serviced office space, you will have the benefits of a full office without the significant expense. You can expect an extensive list of amenities, like:

  • Office spaces in all sizes
  • Luxurious office equipment
  • Good internet and fast Wi-Fi
  • Bilingual personnel
  • Luxury Boardrooms and meeting rooms
  • Common break room access
  • Cleaning and security

Tips for Success

Business culture in the Philippines varies greatly from what you might be used to in the West. Do not be surprised or frustrated when you meet with Filipinos and discover that a lot of small talk takes place before any important business is discussed. This is normal – something you will need to get used to.

Servcorp Serviced Offices in Manila

As the major financial center of the Philippines, Manila is the perfect location for your new business.For serviced office space in Manila, Servcorp Serviced Offices provide all the items on the above list and more. You will have a luxury office in a prestigious location that will demonstrate your value to your visitors. Servcorp Serviced Offices are located in Makati City, a prestigious address that will impress your clients.

Servcorp can provide whatever size space you need with the features that are important to running your business efficiently. If you want to start with a small area until your business is ready for expansion, Servcorp can provide that. Moreover, once you are ready to expand, Servcorp can upgrade your lease with more space for your growing business.

Your new Servcorp office space has all the amenities you need for your business to be efficient and comfortable. You will have spacious, luxuriously furnished rooms for meeting your clients. Depending on the choices you make in your monthly plan, you can even have advanced IT and HR services.

Once you lease space from Servcorp, you will find it easy and affordable to get to work building your business. You will have saved time, expense, and stress, and you will be able to devote all your energy to growing your business.

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