The Advantages of Being a Remote Worker in Manila

June 30, 2016 | Trinh Danh

Traffic jams are infamous in Manila. They're so ubiquitous they are not referring to them as jams anymore since regular traffic is always filled with jams in the city. Ergo, they just call it "traffic" instead.  This among many other reasons is why being a remote worker in Manila is increasingly becoming popular in the Philippine capital and elsewhere in the Southeast Asian archipelago. 

What Can You Get Out of Remote Working?

The advantages of Manila-based remote working cover both the employer and employee. Thusly, it's a two-way street of convenience. Or, in other words, a gift that keeps on giving. For example, you can get the following benefits out of it.

  1. Less Stress: Remote workers are less stressed because they have more control over the environment and their schedule. While working under pressure is unavoidable, every person has a boiling point or limit that shouldn't be crossed.

    It's because short-term gains in performance can lead to long-term deterioration of work down the line. There's less stress for people who work at home—their kingdom—versus working under the watchful eye of middle management at the office.
  2. More Affordability: Remote workers find remote working more affordable due to the lack of gas money or public transportation fare. You don't need to ride cars, buses, trains, or taxis to work anymore.

    It's also affordable as far as the companies employing remote workers are concerned because these employees pay for their own Internet and laptop in exchange for work that they have to accomplish at a flexible time, thus getting rid of the need for overhead expenses on office rentals, workstations, electricity, and so on.
  3. Better Connections: Thanks to Social Media: Going the remote worker route allows for workers to take advantage the already prevalent and ubiquitous presence of social media and smartphones not for the sake of recreational distraction but instead to aid in their work.

    They can use Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and so forth to communicate with their bosses or help advertise their wares. They can also do cloud-based project management and access their remote network online as well.
  4. Creates More Jobs: Employees that used to be unemployable due to their situation (like single moms or the handicapped) can now be tapped as part of your workforce thanks to the existence of remote worker jobs.

    For employers, this is a huge boon because suddenly they have positions open for what was once an unharnessed segment of society. For employees, they now have opportunities to make money in a convenient fashion, availing of jobs like "workplace director" or "virtual assistant".

  5. Greater Choices: More choices are available for the remote worker. The remote workers can work part-time and potentially earn money from multiple sources or they could concentrate on one job while still maintaining a healthy work-life balance. The workers are happy, the bosses are happy, and the jobs more often than not get done in a timely fashion.

    The remote workers are almost always available online and they can work as long as they want since they're at home anyway. They have everything they need in their workplace and their bosses will be satisfied with their performance and output without having to worry about slacking off and such. It's a win-win situation in multiple points of view.

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