The Benefits of Flexible Working Arrangements in Manila

January 26, 2016 | Sharon Cheong

There are loads of benefits to be had from having flexible working arrangements in Manila for both the employer and the employee. Many companies firmly believe that going the traditional 9-to-5 route when it comes to working is the way to go and flexible-style schedules tend to encourage procrastination and lowered production. However, in practice, this is actually far from the truth!

The Specific Benefits of a Flexible Schedule

Both Manila companies and their workers will get the following benefits from making a more flexible working arrangement for themselves: 

  • Faster Company Growth: A small-to-medium business (SMB) will grow faster by having a flexible working arrangement in Manila. That's because you'll have more satisfied employees who are less likely to leave your company, thus your hiring costs will be reduced thanks to a lowered turnover rate. There will also be fewer vacated positions in your company with such a policy. 
  • More Time on Your Hands: Manila is infamous for its traffic jams, so much so that port congestion on Manila Bay happened. This was when trucks weren't able to deliver their loads on time due to a proposed truck ban to help alleviate these jams. By having flexible schedules or virtual-based work setups, employees can save hugely on travel time and expenses while companies can still enjoy improved production rates and efficiency all the while. 
  • A Wider Talent Pool: Because of flexible work policies, companies can get to hire people from all over the nation or even beyond it if they're willing to get virtual assistants through outsourcing. SMBs in particular can get a wider talent pool even with their limited resources through this setup regardless of their location. Don't limit your potential workers; tap into the full potential of a wider talent pool with an enticing offer in terms of scheduling.
  • Opening Up Workforce Resources: It's also possible for companies to get more manpower than usual, thanks to their family-friendly policies and flexible work schedules. Talent is otherwise closed off by 9-5 office jobs. You can get valuable manpower that can do full work if you have virtual office work or flexible office schedules for students looking for work experience, military spouses, stay-at-home parents, and retired professionals with disabilities. 
  • Lowered Environmental Impact: Mother Nature would be less soiled and more resources could be conserved by having more of your workforce work at a virtual office or have limited time in your serviced offices. There will be less commuting, fewer buildings to maintain, and fewer office supplies to use up with a flexible work schedule and serviced office environment. Lower your carbon footprint by implementing more flexible work policies.

Although flexible working arrangements, part-time jobs, and per-project work have always existed for businesses in the 20th and 21st centuries, the advent of the Internet and the interconnectivity it has brought about has allowed virtual assistant workers and flexible work schedules to become more common in the industry at present.

The Servcorp Solution

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