The Difference Between Servcorp Virtual Offices and Other Providers in The Philippines

January 27, 2016 | Sharon Cheong

When you come to the Philippines for business, you expect to find a country open to investors and new startups. This region grows each year and works to add services and perks that will attract companies looking for an offshore presence. If you work with a large corporation that is simply looking for a good spot for their offshore enterprise, then money probably won't be a problem. On the other hand, if you're a new startup trying to get your foot in the door, you'll need to get the most for your money.

Saving Money on Your Startup 

One way that companies can do this is to start out with a virtual office instead of leasing dedicated office space. The cost of leasing your own space can be quite high. In addition, you have to consider other expenses such as furniture, equipment, computers, office supplies, high-speed Internet, and many others. One of the biggest expenses for any new business is hiring new employees. This can be very expensive, plus these new people will need to be trained and this takes time and patience.

These are just a few of the reasons why businesses choose virtual office space. Once you realize how convenient virtual office space is, the only question is which provider to use. In the Philippines you'll find many providers of virtual office space and leased office space. Some of these are located in nice parts of town and some are not. Each one offers a variety of packages that include different amenities. The reason why so many entrepreneurs choose Servcorp Virtual Offices is because they know they can count on quality.

A Reputation You Can Trust 

Servcorp is known for providing top-notch virtual office space in the Philippines. Business owners also enjoy the fact that Servcorp does not require a long term lease. You can rent your virtual office space from month-to-month and choose the services that are most important to you. As your company grows, you can add services and it's very easy to do so. Another big difference between Servcorp virtual offices and other providers in the Philippines is that Servcorp has offices all over the world. This will be very convenient if you travel and need office space temporarily in another country.

A Long List of Features and Amenities 

Servcorp Serviced Offices also give you well-trained bilingual employees who are available when you need them. Their communications network is extremely reliable. You can get Single phase ISP, dedicated bandwidth, 99.98% service time, no blocked sites, and in-house security included in your monthly fee. Meeting rooms are available any time you need them and they are nicely furnished with luxury decor. They make it easy to go online and manage your account, change your services, or request a meeting room or boardroom.

Servcorp also arranges regular social events so that business owners can interact and network with each other. This is an important feature if you're new to the area and need to meet people. You can make solid connections and new friends at these sponsored social events. There are many other reasons to choose Servcorp over other providers, but the number one reason is that Servcorp has a vibrant reputation all over the world for providing premier virtual office services. They stand behind their services and are quick to respond if you have a need.

Please Contact Us 

Servcorp in the Philippines has established a strong professional reputation for providing all the services that business owners need at an affordable rate. Please come by or call +63 2 368 5700 if you'd like a free tour of any of the Servcorp facilities.