The Philippines– the Location for Your Business Expansion

Do you have a business that is ready for expansion? Have you decided to move onto the international scene?If your answer is yes, then the Philippines could very well be the right location for you.

Energy Business

The tropical climate of the Philippines and its geology combine to make it the perfect location for renewable energy sources, many of which are still waiting to be fully developed:

  • solar energy
  • geothermal energy
  • biomass
  • hydroelectric
  • wind

The government of the Philippines has recognized the importance of the role these energy sources will play in the modern world and is taking steps to develop them more fully to move away from dependency on non-renewable sources like oil. The result will be the kind of clean energy solutions that are needed by every country today.

Investors have already shown interest in taking part in businesses that focus on developing these energy sources, either directly or indirectly. A prosperous future awaits those that have the vision to capitalize on the opportunity to provide the business services needed to supply the infrastructure required to utilize these energy sources, as well as all that is needed for the workers, their housing, their goods and services, and more.Your business could play a significant role in this better future.


Outsourcing has become common in these days of expensive labor in places like the United States and Western Europe. The Philippines has a well-deserved reputation for its inexpensive, but reliable labor force.

When companies find they must outsource a lot of their work to the Philippines, they often decide to set up offices there.Many cities in the Philippines are prime locations for an office to oversee Filipino workers. Here are some cities to consider:

  • Cebu City
  • Quezon City
  • Manila

Setting Up a New Business

Once you have decided to establish business in the Philippines, you will need to register your company. Specific permits, regulated by the government, are required. Before you proceed, make sure that your business will be allowed and determine what type of permit you will need.

Setting up an office requires time, money, and effort. You will want to get your office running as quickly as possible so that your company can become profitable at once. When your office is set up, advertise and run specials to let locals know that you are open for business. Meet your neighbors. You will find that Filipinos are friendly and helpful. Making connections will increase the likelihood that your company will become profitable quickly.

Consider Manila and Servcorp Serviced Offices

Manila is the major financial center of the Philippines with business opportunities in retail, transportation, advertising, real estate, fashion, theater, the arts, and more. Its location on the water has made Manila a busy international shipping gateway.

What you need to expand your business in Manila is a well-located, luxurious office that conveys how professional your company is. Look no further.

Servcorp Serviced Offices provide beautiful, luxurious office space in the heart of the business district.  Your new Servcorp office space is complete with receptionists, the internet, phones – everything you need to run your business in the most efficient manner. You will even have advanced IT services that give you a distinct advantage over other companies.  You can meet clients in our meeting rooms and boardrooms, fully furnished with upscale, comfortable furnishings.

Servcorp makes it easy and affordable for you to set up your business and get right to work. We take pride in helping you get your business established and operating successfully in the Philippines. Call +63 2 755 6500 for more details or stop by to tour our offices.