Tips for Working with Temp Agencies in the Philippines

March 01, 2016 | Trinh Danh

Since the Philippines has become so famous as an off-shore home for big businesses, the demand for good employees has been increasing rapidly. These companies often call upon temp agencies to help them get the best people for their open jobs. That is because temp agencies are supposed to check your job references before referring you. They are supposed to test your skills as well. That way, a potential employer can get the knowledgeable help they need.

1. Choose a Reputable Temp Agency

Working with a reputable temp agency in the Philippines can be the fastest way to find a good job. Though there are some temp agencies out there, the big international corporations always use those temp agencies with the best reputation. Also, most temp agencies do want to have the very best people at their disposal so they can fill an order for two dozen employees to work in a big factory on a moment's notice. Sometimes jobs like this only last for a few weeks and sometimes the employer will like you so much they'll hire you for full-time work.

2. Ask About Fees Before Signing Up

Temp agency services are often free to the employee, but employers must pay a charge to get vetted, skilled employees. Some of these agencies may not work that way so be sure to ask who pays the fee when they find you a job. In better paying professions, such as legal, medical, consulting, managerial and others, the applicant may be responsible for paying the fees. They take the money out of your weekly paycheck until the entire amount is paid off. With some jobs and some agencies, these costs can be quite significant, but it might be possible to negotiate the amount down. Ask about this. There's no harm in trying to get the charge lowered.

3. Look for Specialty Temp Agencies

If you are primarily a factory worker, then look for temp agencies that only deal in this field. In many business sectors, you'll find that managers and supervisors prefer to work with specialty temp agencies. They believe they'll get more experienced employees who know the job better and won't need as much training. If you are looking for accounting work, then check to see if there are agencies who deal only with Accounting and financial jobs. You can get a better paying job and one that better suits your skillset.

4. Pursue Excellence in your Career

Be the type of person who always says, “Yes, I can do that job!” Be able to work in their time frame, be flexible about where and when you do your job. Try to accommodate any wishes your employer might have, whether it is a temp agency person or a temporary employer. People take notice if you are always willing and eager to work. They like employees like this and might eventually offer you full-time work if they like you. Be dedicated, self-disciplined and hard-working and you'll quickly move up the ladder to better opportunities. Efficient, friendly workers often get the best positions.

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