According to the International Monetary Fund, the Philippine economy is strong enough to ride out current issues regarding its financial conditions, especially in light with the controversies surrounding the government's PDAF (Priority Development Assistance Fund) issues.

The recent years had seen how cloud-based storage and services are taking hold of the business landscape. Clouds are slowly reshaping how people move, spend, and do business on a day-to-day basis.

Philippine economy continues to grow at a steady pace. In the first quarter of 2014, economic growth was pegged at 5.7%: however, this figure is slower than the market expectation and is attributed to the super typhoon that hit the Visayan region in November 2013.

Traffic jams are infamous in Manila. They're so ubiquitous they are not referring to them as jams anymore since regular traffic is always filled with jams in the city. Ergo, they just call it "traffic" instead.  This among many other reasons is why being a remote worker in Manila is increasingly becoming popular in the Philippine capital and elsewhere in the Southeast Asian archipelago. 

6750 Ayala Avenue is one of the most prestigious office addresses in Manila, Philippines. The 24-storey skyscraper serves top multinational corporations interested in enjoying unmatched visibility with a touch of sophistication. 6750 Ayala Avenue is vibrant, prestigious and strategically located in Manila's most prime Central Business District location. This is one of the main reasons Servcorp chose this building over many others in Manila.

We are pleased to announce Servcorp's newest location in Tokyo on level 20, Marunouchi Trust Tower - Main in Tokyo! Servcorp will offer serviced offices and virtual office packages at this landmark location situated right on top of Tokyo Station, the main commuting hub of the country.

Features of Servcorp Serviced and Virtual Offices at Tower One Ayala Triangle

Numerous multinational companies have moved into this region and are now taking advantage of the prominent stores, wonderful restaurants, and exceptional hotels. This is an area of Manila that is growing due to its prime location and attractive appeal to multinational corporations.

The Philippines is an attractive location for anyone interested in doing business in Asia because of a number of things the most notable being the cheap and readily available labor. The Philippines has a huge work force, i.e. a population of over 102 million people.

A serviced office space can make a significant difference in the budget for your small business or start-up. That is the primary reason people choose this option in the Philippines.

If you have a business that is ready for expansion or a new business you want to locate in Southeast Asia, then the Philippines is an excellent choice.