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Servcorp's Green Initiatives - Environmental Awareness - Climate Change

Servcorp acknowledges the seriousness of climate change and the impact high concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are having on our planet.

There is growing need for businesses to become sustainable to ensure the protection of the environment from further damage.

The Green Offices Project is our global platform for proactive initiatives that reduce our impact on the environment and highlights green issues within our teams and client base.

Virtual Offices, which are inherently environmentally friendly, continue to be a driving force behind the Green Offices Project.

The project aims to reduce our carbon emissions, offset our existing footprint and educate our teams and clients about improving their day-to-day impact on the environment. We have three distinct areas of focus; Reduce, Offset and Educate.

Servcorp has already planted more than 73,000 trees and the 'Servcorp Forest' now covers approximately 730,000 square metres of regional land and is greater than the combined floor space occupied by our network of offices, globally.

The Servcorp forest will remove thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during its lifespan, conserving biodiversity and restoring habitat for wildlife, including many endangered species

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