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How to get a virtual address

A virtual address is a convenient solution for businesses that need a professional address without the cost and maintenance of a physical office.


How to Use Correlation in Business Decision Making

Correlation is an important concept that can be used to analyse data sets and assist business leaders in gaining useful insights into the relationships between business outcomes.


Why Malaysia is Ideal for International Business

Malaysia’s well-developed infrastructure and connection to the global economy makes it an attractive destination for businesses to expand their operations or set up a new one.


What is Virtual Support and How Can it Help Businesses?

Virtual support is a term used for administrative and secretarial work that is done remotely, by using technology. This type of support has been around for many years, but has only recently become popularised because of the advances in technology.


What is Flexible Workspace? Why Flexible Office Spaces are becoming common

Learn what it means to have a flexible workspace and the benefits you can get from using one. Discover ways to implement flex-space into your business, which technology you need, and tips for setting up these spaces successfully.


Hub-And-Spoke Office Model: What is it, what are the benefits, is it a hybrid solution?

The appeal for flexible and smarter workspaces has dramatically increased, allowing the hub and spoke to resurface as it favours the well sought out hybrid working conditions.


Important Business Management Strategies for Developing Companies in the Philippines

The Philippines is enjoying a successful period in terms of finance and business. Manila and Cebu both continue to benefit from increased levels of investment, which has resulted in a high number of new and developing businesses in the country.


How to Identify Top Quality Employees in the Philippines

Identifying quality employees that can fit seamlessly into their role is a little more difficult. Therefore, it is important to consider a few key factors before beginning the recruitment process itself.


How to Reduce Your Business Costs in the Philippines

In recent times, the country has tackled pressing issues such as wage equality. They have also created a much more politically stable environment which has helped to attract more businesses and investors to the country. Rental prices and employee wages are particularly low in the Philippines, but there are other ways in which to further reduce your business costs.


Start-Up Business Ideas for Women in the Philippines

As an aspiring businesswoman, you'll face much fewer hurdles in setting up a business in the Philippines compared to most countries in the region. However, if you're wondering about what business to set up in the first place, here are a few ideas to get you started.


How Can a Serviced Office in the Philippines Save You Money

If you're set on establishing a business in this country, a serviced office will help you save a lot of money. Find out how a Serviced Office can help save cost or your business.


Why A Serviced Office?

The attractiveness of a low-risk, no-commitment, one month-minimum term for fully-furnished, fully-equipped and staffed business premises like a Servcorp Serviced Office is the main reason why more and more businesses are opting to use serviced offices. Read on to find out why renting a Serviced Office is a good option for businesses.


What Is A Virtual Office?

Read this article to find out what is a virtual office, why it's a good option for your business and how do you get one?


The Philippines - People Power

This article explores the business landscape in the Philippines and how Servcorp can help your business achieve growth in the local market.


Finding Office Space in Manila

When you are starting a business, one of the most important considerations is where to find the right office space. Read on to find out how Servcorp office space is the right choice for your business.


Should I Start My Small Business In The Current Economic Climate?

In the global economic slowdown and the Eurozone crisis, should entrepreneurs hold off starting up a business until things look better? Find out more in this article.


The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry in the Philippines - An Introduction

One of the fastest-growing industries in the Philippines is the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. Read on to learn about the Business Process Outsourcing industry in the Philippines.


Five Reasons For Going It On Your Own

Starting a small business can be an exciting time, but there will be times when you find yourself wondering why you wanted to start a business in the first place. It is therefore good, from time to time, to remind yourself of these reasons!


How to beat the big players

How can your business beat the bigger players in the competitive market? Read on to find out our 5 recommendations.


Running a Business has Never been This Easy

Today's fast paced and highly competitive business environment has increased the pressure on businesses to succeed in a tough marketplace. Read on to find out ways to run your business in this competitive environment.